PUKKA Perfection

This is our newest, most advanced group, and their debut performance as a seven piece group at the 2012 Black Tie Ball showed just how outstanding they are.

Of the seven, three had been at Pukka for many years and gone right the way through the theatre school. They had really mastered the art of performance and had been joined by people equally as talented. Since then,some of the older and most talented of the PUKKA Plus class have also graduated and swelled their numbers.

Pukka Perfection is taught drama by Nicola Lewis, dance by Nicola Boyd-Anderson and Sara Ghazi-Torbati is their singing coach. Sarah Creasey also teaches stagecraft

Call/Contact Sarah on 01446 400674 / 07917881220 or at pukkaproductionsbarry@yahoo.co.uk


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