West Side Story

February 2006

West Side Story began life as a staged musical play by writer Arthur Laurents and director/choreographer Jerome Robbins.

A modern-day retelling of Shakespeare’s tragic Romeo & Juliet, the play reworked the traditional love story in a radical translation that takes place in the streets of the Upper West Side of New York. Shakespeare’s Montagues became the Jets street gang while the Capulets were the newly arrived Puerto Rican gang, the Sharks. Puerto Rican Maria and white American Tony play the lovers.

We all know the premise by now. Two rival gangs face off on the West Side of Manhattan. Cops break it up. The two gangs decide to square off at a dance, where a boy meets a girl for the first time. But Boy’s best friend is the leader of one gang, and Girl’s brother is the leader of the other. Boy and Girl fall in love, then Girl asks Boy to stop the conflict between the two collectives. Boy can’t resist Girl’s charms, so he sets out to end the battle, but things go awry, spiralling downward toward an unhappy ending for all parties…

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Cast Credits

Maria and Tony

Carmen Brookes (Maria)
Neil Craven (Tony)

Anita and Bernardo

Sarah Axcell (Anita)
Iain Scott (Bernardo)

Action and Velma

Charlotte Hodgkinson (Velma)
Calum Small (Action)

Consuela and Riff

Jodie Gould (Consuela)
Matthew Fisher (Riff)

Officer Krupke and Lt Schrank

Eric Coleman (Officer Krupke)
Alun Brown (Lt. Schrank)

Glad Hand

David Parker (Glad Hand)


David Alexander (Doc)

I Feel Pretty

Jodie Gould
Carmen Brookes
Suzannah Delaney
Naomi Everson
Amy Bruno
Charlotte Hodgkinson


Christian Bullen
Iain Scott
Mike Peters


Paige O’Sullivan
Dean Matthews
Calum Small
Matthew Fisher
Michael Bennett
Benjamin Jenkins


Jenny Hunt
Rachel Shankland
Nicola Boyd-Anderson
Kellie Harrington
Amy Bruno
Louise Ball
Charlotte Hodgkinson

PUKKA Petities

Bethan Thorngate, Megan Howard, Alice Lloyd-Selby, Rhia Dutton, Laura Owens, Charlotte Andrews, Hannah Andrews, Rebecca Arcos, Grace Wagstaff, Katie Mills, Emily Crow, Sophie Owens, Georgia Graham, Megan Thickpenny, Joseph Bennett, Cerys Underdown, Megan Gray, James Pengilley, Lamara Dennis, Jemima Scott, Ophelia Scott, Anna Browning, Chloe Sargent, Lucy Dimond, Sophie Williams, Emma Braggins, Jack Benlican, Frankie Benlican




Riff – Matthew Fisher
Tony – Neil Craven
Action – Calum Small
A-RAB – Michael Bennet
Baby-John – Benjamin Jenkins
Snowboy – Dean Matthews


Bernardo – Iain Scott
Maria – Carmen Brooks
Anita – Sarah Axcell
Chino – Christian Bullen
Pepe – Mike Peters

Sharks Skaters

Rob Pruett, Joella Price

American Girls

Graziella – Nicola Boyd-Anderson
Velma – Charlotte Hodgkinson
Clarice – Amy Bruno
Pauline – Jenny Hunt
Anybody’s – Paige O’Sullivan

Puerto Rican Girls

Rosalia – Naomi Everson
Consuela – Jodie Gould
Teresita – Suzannah Delaney
Estella – Kellie Harrington
Margarita – Louise Ball

The Adults

Doc – David Alexander
Lt. Schrank – Alun Brown
Officer Krupke – Eric Coleman
Glad Hand – David Parker
A girl – Rachel Shankland

The Band

Dave Short – Musical Director

Jen Bostic
Fraizer Patterson
Ben Davies
Dave Thompson
Tom Jackson
Ceri John
Dave Wheeler
Jonny Bruce
Dave Griffiths
Paul Jenkins
Mike Rose
Steve Tarner
Felicity Panniers
Michael Andrews



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